How to Order

After the customer clicks on the "Buy" button on The Red Tag Shop's product page, this will lead you to our order form. Please make sure that the correct information is provided such as full name, and contact number. The contact information that the customer provided will be our means to validate your order, at the same time, this will help us as well with the delivery.

Order Process and Validation

When the customer completed the order online, the order initially is validated. To validate an order, the customer will receive a confirmation SMS or Call from The Red Tag Shop. The customer is advised to reply to this confirmation request to allow the order to validate the order and proceed to shipment. The Red Tag Shop will try multiple attempts to reach the customer, should the customer fail to respond then the order will be canceled.

We will process and ship your orders after the confirmation. Business days for processing orders is from Monday to Saturday only. Orders confirmed after 4:00 P.M cutoff shall process the next business day. Orders paid on Saturdays( after 4 pm cutoff), Sundays, & on holidays shall process on the following business day.

Why was my Package undelivered?

Incorrect or insufficient contact details such as typographical errors, miss-spelled words, or no contact information to allow coordination of delivery.

Before delivery, our logistics will coordinate with the customer based on the contact information provided through SMS or call, the customer’s unresponsiveness to this will result in either delay or cancellation of orders.

No Delivery recipient or refusal to receive. Logistic will do their best to delivery your package, if all attempt failed, the package will then be labeled deliverable will be returned to us.

If courier service consider that the delivery location as unsafe, delivery may not push.

Customer Cancellation of Order

Cancellations are possible as long as your products are not yet in the process of being shipped. You can track your orders through the parcel tracking link sent to you.

As standard, we normally ship out immediately orders received to avoid delay thus if a customer wishes to cancel an order even after the validation stage is done, this must be communicated immediately to The Red Tag Shop ASAP. If the parcel is already shipped out, the order cannot be cancelled.